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Yuva Jagran

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Yuva Diwas

Look society is a national level Non- profit National organization dedicated exploration promotion .Read More

Our Work

In present Look society is operating all its projects and activities in its home state Uttarakhand. It is a great opportunity to us, we are serving our best in prosperity of its own hilly state devbhumi. As we know Uttarakhand is very rich in natural beauty plenty of tourism resources, diverse wildlife and very prosperous in historical & cultural heritage. But unfortunately having a lot of resources Uttarakhand seeks a couple of hand to its growth. Due to lack of administration policies Uttarakhand is very back in race of development even adjacent hilly state Himanchal. Now it is the need to identify new possibility, develop and promote the Uttarakhand as a world destination. Our works always generate awareness in people and youth about Uttrakhand’s natural wealth and how these would be useful for state and people.

Our first project
Following is the list of our previous projects.
Yuva Jagran Mahotsav
(Dated: 12Dec -19Dec 2011)
We manufacture our own heaven and can make a heaven even in hell”. -Swami Vivekananda
It is the first project of Look society organized successfully by our dedicated team. Look society celebrated the occasion of Yuva Diwas (Birthday anniversary of Youth Ideal Swami Vivekanand) as Yuva Jagran Mahotsav and organized 6 days training workshop and awareness program  for youth. This program was held at a beautiful hill village Ratura falls in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.
It was our first step in the way of spreading happiness. The main aim of this program was to make aware about career scope and opportunity in tourism, and how these tourism activities can elevate the socio-economic life of people and also a better carrier for youth. Because there is no proper medium of communication and information in hill villages, our one week training and awareness workshop would be more fruitful to youth and local people.
Objective of this Project

  • Celebrate birth anniversary of youth ideal and Legend Swami Vivekanand.
  • Organize two days personalities workshop and carrier counseling program for students of Ratura and adjacent inter college.
  • To give awareness about scope and opportunities, and carrier in the field of tourism and hospitalities to Students.
  • Convey various scheme and policies of govt. for betterment of youth and people.
  • To make aware the youth and locale about important of tourism activities and perspective resources of attraction.
  • To organized professional training and workshop to locale, small entrepreneur and hotelier, shopkeepers, local guides for their better involvement in serving the tourist and promotion of tourism.
  • To give the information about importance, development and sale of local handicraft, cosine and other Para-attraction of places under women empowerment program.
  • Also aware the importance of eco & sustainable tourism.

Detail of program
Day1 (12/12/2011) Nagarasu college

Pay homage to Swami Vivekananda


 “Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached” - swami Vivekananda.


We started our first day with celebration of Swami Vivekanada Jayanti conventionally with singing prayers, offering flowers, lighting candles and garlanding Swami Vivekananda ji's photo. School principal, chief guest-Gram pradhan, chairman (Look society) and Students offered flowers to Swami Vivekananda ji. Chairman of look society Mr. Harsh vardhan also delivered some line in respect of swami ji,“  The life and principal of swami Vivekananda inspired lives of all ages. And if you are enthusiastic to know more about him it is the right time to become familiar with his perpetual and valuable philosophy”,


Cultural Program
Later students presented various enchanting folk song, poem and perform nice folk dance on vibrant music. And made vivid the Uttarakhand culture and art. Everybody enjoy and clapped for the rich culture of the Uttarakhand.
Look society also presented a video documentary on the life of swami ji.

Conveyed message of Look society

Later secretary and event organizer of Look society Mr. Dhananjay pandey delivered his speech to students and describing following two objective of this program.

1. Made aware about scope and opportunities, and carrier in the field of tourism and hospitalities. Students.

  • Uses of natural wealth of Uttrakhand & explore plenty of tourism rsources.
  • Career growth in tourism & hospitality sector
  • Scope of tourism professional and hotelier in uttrakhand
  • Need to unexplored destination like Harsil, Khirsu, Dhanulti and many more.
  • Role of locale, Transporter, and Hotelier and their behavior toward destination and guest.
  • Sale of Handicraft and antiquity.
  • Sustainable tourism.
  • Growth and scope in - Pilgrim Tourism, Rural Tourism, Home stay activities, Eco & wild life Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Lesser known destinations

2. Conveyed the various scheme and policies of govt. for betterment of youth and people.

  • Describe Veer Chandra Garhwali parytan Yojna. For Youth and people.
  • Providing loan facilities 

-To established small entrepreneurship. Like setup resort, hotel, adventure camp. River rafting equipment, Adventurous sports equipment, purchase tourist vehicle like Bus, Car.
-To established small cottage industry for local Handicraft, antiquity, Souvenir shop etc.

  • Various certificate and training program organized by Uttarakhand tourism Govt of uttarakhand free of cost for betterment of youth and growth of tourism. Like Rafting and Kyaking training program. Certificate and Diploma program in Hotel management, Various tourism oriented program conducted by HNB Garhwal central university.


Conduct a Rally to aware local people

After refreshment In afternoon  Look society organized a rally of students to celebrate youth day and to make more aware to people regarding environment and tourism. Students carried banner and hording with valuable slogan-
“Say no to polythene”,
“Polythene Hatao paryawaran Bachao”
“Go green”
“Save Tree Save Earth”
“Jal hi Jeevan Hai”
“Do not litter”
“Athiti devo bhavh”
“Welcome the guest”
“Save girl child”


And many more……….

Sweet distribution
After successfully completion of rally we distribute sweets to every Students, Teachers and academic staff.


Day2 (13/12/11) In Nagarasu college

Personality development workshop
Today Look society organized a 3 hours personality development workshop and carrier counseling by Dr. S.K. Bagri director cmths garhwal university of senior students of various inter-colleges for their betterment and growth. More than 150 Students of various college got enroll and participate in this program.
The students participate in this workshop were Nagrasu Inter college, Ratura Inter college, Inter college devalcot, chopr, vijaygarh and chamkot. Look society also distribute a certificate to every students participate in this workshop.
Debate program
After the delivering valuable speech Look society organized some debate and quiz program for enhancing the knowledge of students, Cultural debate, Speech delivery, Essay writing (with theme Tourism and its impact on socio cultural environment) Quiz program (General knowledge).In this combine debate students of various adjacent inter college actively participated in this debate program. Some are mention above.
Day3 (14/12/11) In Nagarasu college
To organized professional training and workshop to locale, local guides, Small entrepreneur and hotelier, and shopkeepers.

Objective of this workshop

  • To explain the importance of tourism activities.
  • To explain the importance of Tourists-locale interaction and train the small hotelier and entrepreneur for their better involvement in guest service.
  • To explain the importance of Eco and sustainable tourism in protecting environment.
  • To encourage the local handicraft manufacturing and promote kutir ud
  • hyog among locale specially women. 

This day Look society organized a 4 hrs professional training workshop free of cost for locale, small entrepreneur and hotelier, shopkeepers, and  local guides for their better involvement in serving the tourist and promotion of tourism. For this look society circulated a pamphlet one week before having the message and appeal of this gathering and training to nearby agency and people serving the tourism with date and venue, and how this training would be helpful for them. And about 60 people take participate in this workshop and avail the services of our professional and appreciate it.
With help and presence of Gram pradhan ratura and other respectable person look society conducted this workshop at Panchayat Ghar (House) Ratura.
Look society active member and co secretary Ms.Rashmi rawat (a tourism professional) welcomed all the guest and delivered her speech to all about importance and necessity of this program. In her lecture she described all the points comes under tourist – locale interaction and what  is the importance of their interaction and how they make it interaction most effective and memorable that why a tourist or guest made a favorable and friendly image of the people of Uttarakhand state, And always recommended to  other. With the help of display chart, video documentary, video conferencing with tourism and hotel professional (Prof. Sc Bagri Head tourism dept. Grahwal university and prof. A. Dahiya head of the dept .Hotel management Garhwal university) she describe and tried to explain all thing to locale.
Later Mr. Harsh Vardhan also a tourism professional) explain the importance of tourism activities and its role to elevate the socio-economic standard of people. Besides these also explain the all small but importance points those have to be considering while interacting with tourist, pilgrims or other traveler Guest. Besides this he also highlighted the meaning importance of sustainable and eco tourism.
At last our respectable and village representative Gram-Pradhan delivered his speech and aspect to all they would follow all important consideration while interacting with tourists that why a tourist is important to us. Besides this he also describes all the govt. scheme and policy related with tourism and how these would be helpful to people in employment and entrepreneurship.
He also told about the various govt. aid given to villager and specially women (under women empowerment scheme) to start small cottage industries (Kutir udhyog) like local handicraft manufacturing, herbal and medicinal plant cultivation, seasonal vegetable and fruits cultivation, mushroom and flower cultivation etc.
Look society also distributes a certificate of this training to all participant for their training and proficiency.
Day4. (15/12/11) Meeting and gathering with Nagrasu and Ratura Villagers.
Look society pick five villages for this program out of them two villages visited by us first day.

  • Promotion of village tourism and home stay activities in welfare of villagers.
  • To make aware about various govt. scheme and policy in welfare of villagers.
  • To make aware about necessity of growth of tourism and its impact on environment also on social, economic and cultural life of people.
  • To make aware about some health tips (like clean and hygienic condition, nutritional diet).

First day of our village visit our team visited the Nagrasu, Ratura village. Both are very beautiful village surrounding with pristine hills of Himalaya. The narrow quaint lanes through the beauty of nature and the traditional small woody huts took us further into traditional villages of hills with full of peace and tranquility. There were small field like patches outside the houses which the villagers cultivate to grow vegetables and other edible stuff for self consumption.
1. Firstly our team meets with Gram pradhan and request to him to part in our welfare campaign he joined us with glad. After gathering of people Mr. Harsh Vardhan (representative .Look society) welcomed to all delivered his speech all about why we are here.
He told the people regarding.
-Opportunity of tourism activities in uttarakhand how it would be helpful in growth of villagers.
-Various financial aid given by Govt. to promoting tourism activities like loan facilities to establishe own entrepreneurship like adventure camp, jungal camp establishment, Purchasing rafting equipment, purchasing vehicle like bus or car, hotel or resort, Handicraft kutir udhyog establishment.
-Various tourism and hospitality certificate and diploma program conducted free of cost by govt. which are very helpful in getting employment and entrepreneurship.
- Also told about some new and popular tourism trend and participation of locale and villagers in the economic activities like village tourism and Home stay activities.
2. Rashmi Rawat (member of look society) delivered her speech with some aspect of Women empowerment Yojana. and show lights on some following aspects like..
-Production and sale of local handicraft like bags, sewing and embroidery clothes, homemade blanket, shawl, woolen clothes, antiquity, special articles and opportunity to sale in local market these are very demanded among tourists etc.
-Production of mushroom, local fruits and flowers and its sale in local markets also various aid given by govt.
-Production of local spices and herbal remedied and their sale in prospective markets.
-Production of various dairy products and farm products like honey bee, local pulses local fruits etc. and their sale in tourists available markets.
-Also told about all financial aid given by govt. and Look society in welfare of village women.
-Thus all these activities are easily done at home and be a helpful in socio- economic growth of women of village.
3. Ms. Vinita (An active volunteer of Look society working as a Asha worker in community Hospital Ratura village Rudraprayag) gave some health tips to women like – clean and hygiene condition, not to use polythene, Important of nutritional and balance and diet for women and children, importance of complete vaccination to child, importance of pulse polio campaign, Importance of family planning awareness about sexual transmitted disease and their free treatment & medicine available at community Hospital etc.
Thus this information was very helpful for a healthy community because a healthy women and healthy child made a healthy to any society.
 Day5: (16/12/11) Meeting and gathering with Naula, Kalnaand Kanda Villagers.
This day our team visited the beautiful mountain village Naula, Kalnaand and Kanda. After gathering of people our dedicated team makes aware and gives the knowledge regarding all aspects what we have for this program. All participants appreciated and got benefited.
Day6: (17/12/11) Closing ceremony and prize distribution
(In Ratura College)
This day was most important and exciting for us. Our event organizer Mr. Dhanajay Pandey conduct this last day ceremony in most successful way.
Respectable present of Block Panchayat and chief guest Mr……( president of this congress), Gram Pradhan Ratura, college Principal & Teachers students, Villagers many, Shopkeeper and Hotelier participated in this ceremony.
Secretary event organizer Mr.Dhanajay Pandey (Look society) did welcome all and anchor and conduct it.
Later Mr.Harshvardhan (representative) Look society also welcomes all and delivered his speech regarding scope opportunity and role of tourism activities in growth of people and communities.
He also describe various new tend of tourism and involvement of locale in it respect of elevate socio-economic lives of people. He emphasize the importance of- 

  • Home stay activities
  • Ruler Tourism
  • Opportunity in Adventure tourism
  • Explore and development of hidden destination likes Kheersu.
  • Better involvement of locale and production of handicraft, antiquity and other and economic activities.
  • Important and necessity eco and sustainable tourism.

Later students performed cultural program and made the program more enjoyable, Kumaon’s special Chhoiliya dance performed by local artists on traditional music instruments was amazing.
After cultural program Gram panchayat adhyaksh address to all and give the wishes of New Year and also told the information about various scheme and aid given by government in welfare of people. Besides this also made a appeal to people to take part in tourism promotional activities and make their lives prosperous. After the completion of speech Look society distribute the prize and certificate of participation to students in various competition (Essay writing, Gk quiz, Speech delivery, Cultural awareness program ) organized by Look society in our Day two program  at Nagrasu college. For motivation of students prizes are distributed by our chief guest “Gram panchayat adhyaksh”  “Gram pradhan” college principal and our other respectable person.
At the ending of our program co-coordinator Mr.Dhanajay Pandey (Look society secretary) conclude the program and gave thanks and our great full ness towards all our guest to join us and contribute their precious time and value among us. Also gave thanks to college administration, students, local entrepreneur, local people, media people for their best involvement and cooperation.

Conclusion and Summery    
After the successful completion of Yuwa Jagran Mahotsav. We analyze and find that these awareness program are the need of today.

  • These programs are very helpful to getting touch with people and to motivate them for their better involvement in tourism and make their lives prosperous.
  • Personality workshop was being very helpful to guidance the carrier and grooms the personality.
  • Training workshop help the locale and small entrepreneurs to professionalize their services.
  • Village visit help the villager to motivate them to get self employment and make better their lives.
  • This program remain very popular in people and students all beneficiary and democratic representative appreciated it.
  • Seeing the great successful and demand of this program Look society commit to organize such program in near future with help of your support and cooperation.

Look society